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What happens when a pregnant woman eats a hundred fragrant fruit?

Can the pregnant woman eat the hundred fragrant fruit?

Pregnant women can eat 100 sweet fruit. Pregnant women eat passionfruit can enhance immunity, relieve constipation, stable mood, calm the nerves, can supplement nutrition, but also help the rest of repose.
Passion fruit is a natural tranquilizer, relaxation, calm the nerves good special effects; but also the treatment of insomnia, induced by natural sleep and deep sleep, relieve headache, dizziness and other phenomena; relieve anxiety, melancholy and nervous tension caused by headache, stomach pain, frequent urination, palpitation; improve nervous caused by muscle cramps, convulsions, pain; relieve nervous tension and extreme anxiety caused by all discomfort; improve the emotional and spiritual anxiety; treatment of qi stagnation syndrome, relieve flatulence, help digestion.

The correct method of eating passion fruit

The effect and effect of passion fruit

Passion fruit, also known as “passion fruit”, also known as “egg fruit”, “passion fruit”, “West fruit”, because of its rich fruit juice, fragrant smell, with guava, mango, banana and other fruits of the aroma and known as “hundred sweet fruit.”. Passion fruit from South America Amazon rainforest area, because the flower shape is very similar to the cross of Christ’s torture, was the Spanish explorers and missionaries considered the “Bible” mentioned in the human ancestors Adam and Eve to eat the “mysterious fruit”, the English name called “passionfruit”, meaning “passion, passion and love fruit”. Passion fruit, native to Brazil, is widely cultivated in tropical and subtropical regions. It is cultivated in South America, South Africa, Southeast Asia, Australia and the South pacific. China recently cited as planting and passionfruit as Guangdong famous rare fruit varieties.
Passion fruit is herbaceous vine, about 6 meters long, stem with fine stripes, glabrous. Petals 5, equal to sepals, base pale green, middle purple, white at top, berry ovoid, 3~4 cm in diam., glabrous, ripe fruit purple, many seeded, ovate. Florescence June, fruit period November. The fruit will be for food or feed, vegetables. The medicine has the effect of excitement and strength. Juicy fruit pulp, adding calcium carbonate and sugar, can be made of fragrant and delicious beverage. Seed oil

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